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Has Humanity Been Traumatised Into Looking Outside Of Themselves For Safety?

Traumatised Into Looking Outside

Of course, if someone is not related to his true self, he will not be able to express who he is. If they don’t feel safe enough to express who they are, it doesn’t matter if they’re connected to their true self.

Taking this into account, it shows how important it is for a person to have a sensitive sense of security; In other words, so that they feel safe in their own bodies. With this place, they will be able to express who they are.


So, if someone doesn’t have a sense of security that feels, it will be a challenge for them to express who they are. Therefore, because they do not feel safe, they tend to be more concerned about what is happening outside than internally.

Focusing on others and behaving the way they want to behave and thinking they are behaving will be a way for them to settle down on their own. Whether they feel safe or not, it will be in the hands of others.

A half-life

Pleasure to others may make them feel comfortable, but it almost certainly won’t allow them to live a life that matches who they are. It can be a life where a person has no real connection to what he is doing and is only “by movement”.

Traumatised Into Looking Outside
Traumatised Into Looking Outside

If they feel alive, it may be because they have behaved in a way that reflects who they are. They may have hobbies that allow them to express themselves, if only for a short period of time a week.

Artificial experiment

Then, again, in general, they can only feel alive after consuming something. Thus, by drinking, eating or doing some kind of activity, they will be able to change their living conditions.

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Once this is over, they will most likely return to a life that will not make their hearts sing. But because their lives have been so long, and because it may be “normal,” they may not even want to do something.


What would happen if most of humanity were in the same position as the men above? On the one hand, not only will there be many people who will look at their fellow human beings to give them a sense of security that they lack, but they will also look taller.

In another way, they will look at the system to keep them safe and protected. With so many people in this position, leaders will take a lot of power and have a lot of control over the citizens.

Back to reality

If you take a step back and think about what is happening in the world, they may soon realize that most of humanity is in that position. It could be in a different way, so many people look at governments or other institutions to keep them safe.

If someone is in that position, something “over there” will determine whether they feel safe and safe or not. They may not even have thought that there were other ways for them to live life.

Unhealthy Dynamics

If they are like that, with most of their fellow citizens, it would not be a surprise if they lived in a country that did not have much freedom. Over time, they will trade their freedom for security.

That does not mean that it will only happen for the rest of their lives, because it will probably be something that has been going on for many generations. Just as oaks do not appear overnight, their country will not end like this overnight.

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Deeper view

If a person does not feel a sense of inner security, it is likely that they have experienced trauma. What this will do overwhelms them and disrupts their sense of inner security in the process, thus making them look beyond themselves to feel safe.

This can happen during their adult life and/or it could be something that happened when they were children. If they go back to their early years, they may have been traumatized regularly.

Overpowering necessity

In this context, when millions and millions of people are in a state of trauma, there will be a strong collective need for something “out there” to make things better. If this need is not fully recognized, most citizens can see themselves as victims of a repressive government.

But what happens externally will be the embodiment of what is happening in the collective consciousness. If most citizens develop a sense of internal security and no longer relocate that need, there will be no reason for such unity.

“Last Thoughts”

This underlines the importance for a person to heal his own internal wounds. They will not only change their consciousness, they will also change the collective consciousness.

The reason is that, although their thoughts of ego push them to be separated from everything and everything, it is only an illusion. That’s why the treatment of their own luggage will allow them to change the world.

The author, Transformal Writer, teacher and advisor Oliver JR Cooper is from the United Kingdom. His informative comments and analyses cover all aspects of human transformation, including love, partnership, self-love and inner consciousness. With more than two thousand, six hundred detailed articles that highlight psychology and human behavior, Oliver offers hope with his language advice. ArtikelQuelle:

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