Goal Setting

The Importance of Goal Setting

For some, setting personal goals is a relatively simple task, while for (many) others it is not only normal… The “secret” goal  setting seems yet to be confirmed – so there is a group of people who just rush through life and bring everything that life throws at them…

and that’s fundamental because they haven’t had enough time to decide what they really want in their lives  and they haven’t planned the steps  necessary to fulfill those desires – they haven’t set themselves to the goal they want..

Are you.?

Cutting through the fog:

The importance of setting goals

Even though you already know all the good reasons behind the goal, the experience tells me that maybe you’re still asking, “Why should I set a goal.?”

The answer is very simple… It’s motivation… First, set your vision exactly what you want and/or if you want it, then learn and understand every step (goal) you need to achieve to unlock your vision (‘your last goal’ to the truth.

The goal is a robust process should not be a problem to stay on track with your goals, because setting goals has a real safe – all kinds of distractions that can prevent you from achieving your goals can be quickly seen and fixed.

By setting clear and highly determined goals, you will be able to celebrate and have great pride when you reach each of them, with the additional knowledge that you are making progress on a path that you may think is too difficult or even impossible… Success in any form is always a major change in confidence and further goal improvement.

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You know this: Everyone successful, in sports, business, politics or even volunteer work, is a target leader – they fully understand and exploit the relationship between long-term vision and vision and short-term motives – YOU CAN TOo!!

  • Tips forsettingtargets

– Set a great first vision, your main goal… What do you want, where do you want to be and when.? Will it last a month, a year, five years, ten years.?

– WRITE IT DOWN… Detail…

– Work backwards from this point and work every smaller individual goal you need to reach your way to your main goal.

– It’s all in detail – fully “determine” each goal … with every detail you know there is to achieve this goal… including scale and deadlines.


– PRIORITY – what is the more direct purpose.??? What are the more important goals to achieve first or next.? Some goals can only be “good to eat” instead of essential to achieving your main goal, so don’t waste your precious time.!!

– BE REALISTIC – often the collapse of many is a goal hunter … Set goals that you know you will achieve – or eventually you will have, what you know how to complete and complete tasks.

– If the goal is too easy in its performance, make the next one more difficult to achieve.

– Check your goals every day – they’re not necessarily “cast-in-concrete”… You may need to change the direction slightly or change the details of a particular goal on a unique occasion to ensure that it is still fully achieved or even necessary.

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You can’t achieve every goal you set yourself, every time, at the right time… do not be humiliatedand of course NOT UNTIL… These are temporary details, you are human and these things happen… Just follow the top as shown in the previous point above … learn from ‘failure’, then make a change and move on.!


Setting goals creates a powerful way to push yourself and walk out of the way towards the future you want, your future patterns.

The goal of training is creating a “circle” of confidence, skills and/or improved efficiency and a general environment, as you work through and complete each goal that results in steps for the last result you are looking for… set your goals and earn rewards that you will surely receive as a result of your achievements.!! Souche Article Ni Peter Kirwan:  http://EzineArticles.com/9055384


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